Terms of Use

Japapass Membership Agreement

Article 1. (Definitions)

The following clauses (1) - (8) assume to have meaning when determining “Japapass Membership Agreement.”

(1) “The member” means the individual who have proceeded the member registration followed by the given process after accepting Japapass membership agreement.

(2) “The registration information” means the information such as the information on the member which a member disclosed to our website as well as the history related to the transaction of the member (including information collected by Article 8).

(3) “Our website” means Japapass operated by Online Travel CO., LTD. (called “us” as follows).

(4) “Travel product” means the tour bus plan or related plan carried out by us and cooperated travel agency (called “travel agency” as follows).

(5) “The service” means that our website provides travel products for our members.

(6) “The service provider” means a person who is providing service such that each travel agency plans and carries out or makes arrangement to related things.

(7) “The transaction” means the act of concluding a travel contract such as the travel products which a member performs with “a service provider” using our website.

(8) “Japapass membership agreement” (called “a membership agreement” as follows) is applied all to a member, and is an agreement to have you stick to it after the registration procedure and registration have done.

Article 2. (Japapass Membership)

1. The member is the individual who completed the membership registration procedure or accepted the terms of use in advance and registered what our website had specified.

2. The member can use service according to the condition that our website determined on our website.

3. The member cannot perform a transfer or sublet of all rights acquired by the use of the service on our website to individuals who are not a member.

Article 3. (Registration Procedure of the Member)

1. Membership

The individuals who have applied after accepting membership agreement have the qualification as a member after completing the specified registration procedure.

The membership registration procedure should only be done by himself or herself who is becoming a member.

The registration by the agent is not accepted at all. In addition, the member application from the individual who is corresponded to Article 7 in the past may not be accepted.

2. Input the registration information

When proceeding the registration, the member should read the attention carefully and accurately input the necessary matters into the specified form.

Article 4 (Change of the registration information of the member)

When a change occurs in the registered information, immediate change on the information content and re-registration is necessary. Our website does not take any responsibility on any damage occurred by neglecting re-registration process without doing the change on information content. In addition, even if the re-registration was completed, the transaction made before the change still carries out based on the information before re-registration is completed. Even for this case, our website does not take any responsibility. Please immediately contact our website about transaction made before the change on registration information.

Article 5 (Withdrawal from the membership)

When a member wishes for a withdrawal,a member himself or herself must contact our website. After our website proceeds the procedure, withdrawal would be completed.

Article 6 (The handling of the member information)

Our website handles personal information according to our privacy policy.

Article 7 (Suspension, Revocation of the membership)

1. Our website prohibits any act of a member that corresponds to the following (1) – (9). When we found the correspondence, we shall be able to suspend the use of service, or revoke the qualification of the membership without any prior notice. Our website does not take any responsibility even if some kind of damage occurred to the member by this.

(1) When a member acted in violation of laws or regulations on the membership agreement.

(2) When there was an illegal act of entering false information about the service by a member.

(3) Harmful spam act, PC program, sending or entering virus email.

(4) Illegally access to the server of our website or other computers.

(5) Perform an act of nuisance or giving a sense of discomfort such as harming our website, right of the third party of the service provider and others, profit, and honor.

(6) Make a false statement to our website and the service provider.

(7) Perform an act against public order and morals.

(8) Lending or transferring the password to a third party, or share it with a third party.

(9) When we judge other illegal acts as meeting the condition.

Article 8 (Means of Communication such as Cookies)

1. Cookie is a structure which temporally store the data on a computer’s hard drive through web browser about the access history and certification to our website, as well as the investigation of the usage status of the member, providing suitable service to the member, information on IP address, and machine ID number when accessed by cell phone. Our website uses cookie to help our users use our website efficiently, and we do not use it for any other purpose.

2. In order for a member to use the service, it would be a requirement to consent to Clause 1 in Article 7, and accept cookie. Thus, please understand it beforehand that when you perform setting such as refusing a cookie on a browser, you would not be able to use each service as the member. Our website is protecting privacy information by using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Information sent and received via internet might have risks of wiretapping, manipulation of data, or identity fraud. However, by using SSL, we are able to avoid those risks and securely send and receive information. By mutual authentication adopting digital signature and encryption correspondence, SSL securely protect between users and our server and maintain confidential personal information.
Protected information include user name, credit card information, and all other privacy information received by user. Since we use digital signature certified by SECOM, we are able to exchange information securely. In case any error occurred related to SSL, please validate SSL 2.0 or 3.0 on browser’s setting, or if using company internal LAN, please contact network administrator to release port 443 on firewall.

Article 9 (Management of the Password)

As the password should not be known by another person, a member shall manage it with responsibility. If we found the fact that the entered password matches the registered password, we would considered that there was a use by the member even if it was used due to theft, unauthorized use, or other circumstances by the person who is not a member. Our website does not take any responsibility about the damage that occurred on this occasion.

Article 10 (Transaction on Japapass)

The transaction on our website would be the direct transaction between a member and service providers. When a trouble occurred on handling the personal information, contents on handling, transaction contents, handling product, or contents on the webpage, it needs to be resolved between the member and the service provider. We do not take responsibility on the transaction unless our website was a service provider. In addition, we may perform to provide appropriate information or give advice, but we do not take responsibility caused by this act.

Article 11 (Exemption of Our Website)

1. Our website does not guarantee that the harmful things such as computer viruses are not included in a sent email from web page, server, or domains.

2. Our website shall not take any responsibility to a member on the system interruption, delay, suspension, and loss of data due to the damage of communication line, damage caused by the illegal access to the data or by other cause.

3. Our website does not guarantee at all about the service provider’s truth, accuracy, currentness, usefulness, reliability, legality, and the right of the third party on content or product of transaction, service, content on the web page, or handling of personal information.

Article 12 (Interruption, Suspension, Change, Abolition of the Service)

Our website may regularly or urgently perform the system maintenance in order to have you always use the service in a good condition. When system malfunction occurred or has possibility to occur, or when the safety measure has possibility or needs to be acted to prevent the leak of the member’s registered contents, we shall be able to take measures to interrupt or suspend all or part of the service without any prior notice. We shall not take any responsibility on the damage occurred to the member in this occasion. In case of any change or abolition of the service, we shall post on our website in advance. Our website does not take responsibility on the damage in that case as well.

Article 13 (Revision, Supplement of the Membership Agreement)

We shall be able to voluntarily revise and supplement the membership agreement on our website. On this occasion, we would post the agreement which had revised or supplemented on our website. It would be effective by the time when it was posted on our website without prior notice to the member. In this case the member shall obey the agreement after the revision.

Article 14 (Applicable Law, Agreement on Jurisdiction)

Our website and membership agreement can be used or become a member from all over the world which have different laws. Regardless of the difference in the principle of the law, our website or the member shall agree to be restricted to the law of Japan about the use or membership agreement and our website. When we need the suit at the law, Osaka District Court would be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first trial.

Enacted on March 1, 2006

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